October 7-11 2017 – Italy, Sicily
Castellammare del Golfo


IAEA supports the 30th Miller Conference on Radiation Chemistry with eight, 500 eur each, grants to selected participants, who will be reimbursed of 500 eur of the registration fee at the end of the Conference.

The eligibility and ranking criteria for the attribution of the grant are the following.

Eligibility criterion:
Be a registered Participant attending the Conference for the whole duration.

Ranking criteria:
1. Main affiliation in a developing country
2. Scientific excellence quantified as number of papers in peer reviewed journals per year multiplied by a weighting factor depending on seniority. For PhD-students the weighting factor is 3, for postdocs it is 2 and for senior scientists it is 1. The status must be certified by the supervisor/head of institute for PhD-students and postdocs. In the absence of a certificate the weighting factor is 1.
3. Criteria to be used when applicants are equally ranked according to (3):
3.1 Favour underrepresented gender;
3.2 Favour researchers from more distant places to the conference site;
3.3 Favour younger researchers.

Should there be fewer applicants from developing countries than grants, the ranking of applicants from all other countries will be made applying criteria 2 and 3.

Should you be interested in participating in the competition for the IAEA grants, please send us an email to by the 30th of June, attaching the certificate of your PhD student or Post-doc status if appropriate.